What is the Alexander Technique and how can it help me?

Find out here how the Alexander Technique can help you to improve your life in so many ways.

Veronica in action

Would you like to:

  • Sit at your desk without back ache?
  • Play sport with more efficiency and success?
  • Play an instrument better, without muscular pain?
  • Do any activity more easily?
  • Have better relationships?
  • Think, plan and make decisions more clearly and reasonably?

FM Alexander discovered that most of us are using far too much muscular effort in everything we do. This can mean that we experience tension, stiffness, tiredness, aches and poor co-ordination. But he also discovered a way of learning how to stop this excess effort by re-educating ourselves.

The Alexander Technique has been described as "systemised common sense". It involves learning more about how we are designed to move and how to free ourselves up mentally and physically, so that we can think more clearly, have more control over our reactions to what life throws at us and move with more grace and ease.

‘If you stop doing the wrong thing the right thing happens by itself’